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PoopyDo Dog Poop Cleanup and Removal FAQ


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our pet waste and litter box exchange services.  Please consult this list and then call us if you have any other questions.


Q. How often does your company come out?

A.  Daily, Weekly, Bimonthly, Monthly and One Times however most of our customers prefer our prepaid pet waste value packages.  We also offer non-scheduled one time emergency visits as well.


Q. Do you work on Holidays and/or Holiday Weekends?

A.  No. We do not work on New Year's Eve-Day-Weekend, MLK Day-Weekend, Veteran's Day-Weekend, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day-Weekend, Independence Day-Weekend, Labor Day-Weekend, Columbus Day-Weekend, Thanksgiving Eve-Day-Weekend, Christmas Eve-Day-Weekend and National Pet Convention Week.  Holiday Weekends include Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Services will resume on your normal day(s) the following week.  To make it a win-win, we ask that you pick up the "business" so we don't have to charge you for picking up 2Weeks worth of build up.


Q. Do you call us before the Holiday Weekend?

A. No.   Understandably, it would be virtually impossible to call or email each and every client.  Therefore it is a given that you have read and agreed to all our FAQ's and know up front that on holidays and/or holiday  weekends, we are unable to provide services and that services will resume on your next visit the following week.


Q.  What if I have a Holiday or Special Request?

A.  Maybe.  We require at least a full’s week's notice as all requests are handled on a first come first served basis.  If we are able to accommodate your onetime Holiday or Special Request, please note that there will be an extra cost associated with this and is not a guarantee for last minute requests as these are very difficult to accommodate.


Q.  Do I get a refund if I clean my yard the day of or before my service visit?

A.  No.  As much as we would like to, understandably we still have to pay for the wasted time, fuel, labor and other costs associated with this visit.

A.  Yes.  If you give us at least a two business day advanced notice, we will be more than happy to refund the visit.


Q. Do you work on rain days?

A.  No.  As you can understand, visibility is a major factor or lack of when it rains.  As such, the "business" is no longer solid and virtually impossible to pick up in this state.  Services will resume on your next scheduled visit.

Q:  If it rains everywhere else but my immediate neighborhood, will I still get serviced?

A:  No.  As you can appreciate, our rain day policy is not based on whether or not is rains or briefely sprinkles in just one client's neighborhood but rather how the rain affects "all clients" scheduled for that day.  If we are unable to service the majority of the clients for that day due to the rain, understandably we are unable to provide service to the few clients it does not affect as the risk to our safety, health, time being stuck in traffic, etc. is too great.


Q. Do you call us on rain days to let us know that you will not be coming?

A.  No.  Understandably, it would be virtually impossible to call or email each and every client.  Therefore it is a given that you have read and agreed to all our FAQ's and know up front that on rain days we are unable to provide services and that services will resume on your next scheduled visit.


Q.  What happens to my visit on rain days and/or holidays?

 A.  To make it a win-win, we ask that you pick up the "business" that week so we don't have to charge you for all that build-up that we will have to pick up if you don't.  Once you have done this, simpley send us an email letting us know so we can issue you a refund for that week.


Q.  What is your Phone Call and Email Policy?

A.  All calls, emails, etc. are usually returned in two business days M-F between the hours of 8:00am thru 6:00pm (with the exception of holiday weekends which includes Fridays and/or Mondays).


Q. Do you call, email or text us before each and every visit?

A. No. This is not a service that you pay for or is offered and is not included.  It would be virtually impossible to call and/or email each and every client the day before each and every visit as we are out in the field providing service. That is why we do our best to keep your normal day of service consistent. As daylight and time is very limited, it is also needed to service your yard and as we can all agree... you would rather have us out there servicing your yard than being indoors annoying you with calls and/or emails prior to each and every visit every single time.


Q.  What if my area is out of your general scope of service?

A.  If you area is somewhat out of our scope of service we will do our best to try service you however we may have to charge an additional fee to cover that extra mileage and time it takes to get to you.


Q. I prefer to keep my gate locked.  Should I give you a Key Copy?

A.  Yes.  Since techs are not allowed to jump or climb fences, we do REQUIRE a key copy in order to service your yard on days of service.  UNDERSTANDABLY, IF THE GATE IS LOCKED, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE SERIVCE CALL THAT WAS NOT ABLE TO BE COMPLETED since we still used the same time, labor and fuel that it takes to attempt to service your yard.  Reasonably, this visit cannot be rescheduled or credited and will be charged accordingly as we do require a key copy on file. 


Q. I prefer to keep my gate locked.  How can I give you a copy of the key for the lock on it?

A.  Because Poopy Do Services, LLC is a professional Registered, Bonded, and Insured Company, we are more than happy to securely store a copy of your key on file.  There are 2 Ways to do this:

 1.) On your days of service, simply place a key copy to the lock on the backyard gate latch in an envelope with Poopy Do written on it and tape it to your backyard porch door or window for us to see and collect.  If you want to place it in an inconspicuous area, just let us know where to look or...

  2.) Just mail it in to us at 3219 E Camelback Rd Ste 380, Phoenix AZ 85018.  Please make sure to include your name and address along with the key copy to the lock on the backyard gate latch so we know who it is from.


Q. I prefer to keep my gate locked and/or I don’t have key copies.  Can you provide a lock?

A. Yes.  For only $6.00, we will put our own Poopy Do Lock on there and give you a key copy making this an easy, convenient and seamless process for you.


Q. Can I get a Reminder Call, Email or Text since I prefer to keep my gate locked and not give a gate key copy?

A.  No.  That’s why we offer our Secured Key Program to conveniently store a copy on file for you.  Being Registered, Bonded and Insured you are in safe hands with Poopy Do.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to leave your gate unlocked on your days of service.  UNDERSTANDABLY, IF THE GATE IS LOCKED, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE SERIVCE CALL THAT WAS NOT ABLE TO BE COMPLETED since we still used the same time, labor and fuel that it takes to attempt to service your yard. Reasonably, this visit cannot be rescheduled or credited and will be charged accordingly as we do require a key copy on file.


Q.  Do you text service confirmations?

A.  Yes.  As this is an Additional Custom Service and for only $3.50 per Text per Visit, we will text you after each and every visit that your yard has been serviced..


Q. Can you work with the dog in the yard?

A.  In most cases Yes.  However, if your pet is aggressive, territorial, and/or temperamental, it must be out of the area to be serviced.  ALSO, IF YOUR PET WILL NOT ALLOW US TO CLEAN THE YARD ON YOUR SCHEDULED DATE, IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE SERIVCE CALL THAT WAS NOT ABLE TO BE COMPLETED.


Q.  Is there any part of the yard that you don't service?

A.  Yes.  Since the service is for the Open Immediate backyard only, we do not service hedges/shrubbery/etc. or in any over grown areas of the backyard which also includes any areas where there may be any piles of junk/trash/etc.


Q.  Will you move furniture or objects in the backyard in order to get to the "business"?

A.  No.  Due to insurance reasons and to the potential risks that this poses, we are unable to move any objects/furniture/trampolines/autos/etc. in order to get to the business.


Q. Can I Skip a Visit?

A.  Yes.  You will not be charged as long as you notify us by e-mail at least 24 Hours prior to your scheduled day of service.


Q. Why does Poopy Do only give normal days of service and not exact times?

A.  Two reasons actually.  First of all, we value all our customers and schedule our daily routes so it benefits everybody and not just a few.  Secondly and because we cannot control daylight, weather, traffic, accidents, road construction and yards with severe build up that require extra time, we also cannot control exact time.  So even though your time will differ, we will do our best so your normal day of service doesn't (daylight permitting of course).


Q. Are normal days of service guaranteed?

A.  No.  That's why we give you 3 specific days that service can occur on in that week.  For example, if we are in your area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, service can and will occur that week on one of those 3 days.  However and if you would like your visit done consistantly on one the same day of the week for one of those specific days, we would highly reccomend the Additional Custom Service Day for only $5.00 extra per visit.  Please see dog pricing page at for additional information.


Q. Can my normal days of service change?

A.  Yes.  Although we do our best at keeping your normal days of service the same, we cannot guarantee them since our schedules are created to maximize time, fuel and labor so that it benefits everybody and not just a few.  Schedule changes are usually seasonal such as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and holiday weeks but not necessarily limited to this and can happen without notice.


Q. How are normal day(s) of service determined?

A.  Normal days of service are determined by your address in which our route scheduler uses it to maximize driving time, fuel, labor and so on so it benefits all clients and not just a few.


Q. Are visits consecutive or can I pick and choose what weeks?

A.  Regardless of package or service all visits are consecutive.  For example, on a 4-Week Value Package purchase, you will get one visit once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.


Q. How do you determine service dates for your Monthly- 2Visits per Month clients?

A.  Monthly- 2 Visits per Month are done on the day that we are normally in your area on either the 1st and 3rd weeks,  the 2nd and 4th weeks or the 2nd and 5th Weeks of the month depending on that month (some exceptions apply, seasonal, holiday weeks, rain weeks, etc.).  If you prefer the same or certian weeks or would like to know in advance when service will be, it is an additional $10.00 per visit for this custom service to manually schedule this out for you.


Q. Who gets the great smelling pet urine neutralizing/deodorizing spray?

A.  Anybody.  This service can be purchased alone or in addition to whatever package you choose.


Q. Is there an extra fee on Weekly, Monthly and One Time Visits and/or Neglected Yards?

A.  Maybe.  If your yard has been seriously neglected and requires our tech to spend more than 15 minutes (or more than 30 minutes on a One Time/Emergency Visit) and /or requires our tech to take out more than one trash bag of “business”, a $15.00 extra fee may be charged per additional 15 minutes (or closest to) and/or per additional trash bag.  For those clients where it has been close to 4 Weeks or longer, we do require you to do an Initial One Time Clean Up (by selecting this option in the "Doggie Waste Clean Up Service" drop down box) along with selecting the appropriate amount of Weeks or Months (in the "Weeks Since Last Pick Up" drop down box) in the "My Service Plan" tab. 


Q. How do I pay you?

A.  For your convenience you can pay on-line (via debit, credit or check), by phone, fax or as a courtesy to you, physical check.  There is a $25 fee on any returned check regardless of reason.  All payments are prepaid and reoccurring as specified by your package selection (i.e. weekly, monthly, one-time, etc.) until you request cancellation of services.  Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the physical check writer to remind themselves to remit payment on time or there may be a delay in services and/or late charges.  Check writers can also use are "E-Z AutoPay". 


Q.  What is "E-Z AutoPay"?

 A.  E-Z AutoPay is a secured, safe and convenient reoccurring way to pay automatically as specified by your package selection... taking out the worries so you don't have too.  All accounts are automatically set up this way.  Check writers can also take advantage of our "E-Z AutoPay" thru their online account in the "My Service Plan" payment section or use you can use your bank's online Auto Bill Pay.  Either way, it's free, saves you time and worries and best of all, no more spending money on stamps, envelopes and physical checks.


Q. When is payment due?

A.  All payments are prepaid and if paying by physical check must be collected prior to start of services.

Q.  What happens if my payment declines that week or weeks?

A:  To make it a win-win, we ask that you pick up the "business" that week or weeks so we don't have to charge you for all those week(s) of build-up that we will still have to pick up if you don't.  Understandably we can't pick up all those week(s) for free if you don't.  Although we will do our best to give a courtesy reminder, we are not required to do so nor is it a guarantee.  It is ultimately the sole responsibility of the client to keep their account and payment info up to date and current.  No exceptions. 


Q. Do I have to sign any contracts?

A.  No. We can start and stop your service over the phone or via e-mail. We do not require any contracts.  For this convenience, all we require in return is that you finish out the remainder of your package and a simple reason or the determining factor for your decision so we can properly close out your account and billing.  This applies to our individual residential cliental only.  Commercial / Corporate / Multi-Housing / HOA / Government Property Differs.


Q. Can I Place Pre-Paid Value Package or Service on Hold or Cancel it?

A.  Yes.  As all sales are final on any and all services and/or products, there are no refunds.  The remaining visits can be finished out, transferred and/or be placed on hold for up to 30 days from the date of cancellation.  Please note that $15 start up fee along with any additional fees will be charged if you have added more pets, your yard in now bigger, the yard that is being serviced has been neglected and/or if you now want additional areas serviced that originally were not.


 Q. Can I return product, service, gift cards or merchandise?

 A. No.  All sales are final.  For gift cards, you have up to 12 months to redeem at which there will be a $2.50 per month maintenance fee to cover the cost associated with maintaining and managing this account which will be deducted from the stored value.


Q. Who can use coupons and discounts?

A.  Coupons, Discounts and Free Visits applies to new clients purchasing Prepaid Value Packages of 4Weeks or greater only.  They are on a one time basis only (unless otherwise specified) and cannot be reused, transferred or applied to existing accounts. They cannot to be combined with each other or any other offer and must be presented at time of purchase for phone orders and coupon code must be entered at the time of transaction/check out for web orders.


Q. Can you guarantee no cross contamination?

A. Sadly no one can guarantee this.  Cross contamination can be as easily spread as simply going over a neighbor’s house or backyard, grocery store, public bathroom and then coming home and stepping all over your carpet, flooring and backyard.  Only god knows what you’ve stepped in, have stuck to the bottom of your shoe and spread around.


Q.  What if my dog likes to eats and/or roll in feces and gets sick because of it?

A.  As dogs eat and roll around in their own feces as well as that of other dogs and animals, we are not responsible for any illnesses, medical conditions, veterinarian bills, etc. that may arise from this, as it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the home/pet owner to train them not to do that and to pick up after their pets immediately each and every day including the days that we are there, especially if the pet/home owner knows that this is an issue and/or feels service is not antiquate or being performed up to your expectation.  We are also not responsible for any cross contamination of any type or issues of any type as a result thereof.  As such, you agree to release Poopy Do Services LLC (subsidiaries, affiliates, etc.) of any and all liabilities thereof.


Q. What is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee mean?

A.  We know that our success depends on your happiness and word of mouth. That's why we promise to provide quality service you can count on.  But if there is a time that our service is not to your satisfaction, we will make it right by coming out to re-clean your yard.  Simply let us know within 24hours of that visit so we can re-service your yard.


Q.  Can you sum it up for me?

A.  Absolutely.  Quite simply stated, by hiring Poopy Do Services, LLC by phone, fax, mail, email text, on-line, etc., you have read, understood and agreed to all our FAQ's, Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers, Statements and Policies, thus allowing us the opportunity to make your pet's "business" our business.



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