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All calls and messages will be returned usually with in 1-2 Business Days.  Some exceptions may apply, i.e. holidays, etc.

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PoopyDo Pooper Scooper Disclaimers

General Policy:

We reserve the right to change/refuse Business, Policy, FAQ's, Terms, Conditions, Services, Specials, Coupons, Discounts, etc. to whom it may concern without prior notice of any type.  All calls and messages will be returned usually within 2 business days M-F between the hours of 8:00am thru 5:00pm.  Some exceptions may apply, i.e. holidays, etc.  Quite simply stated, by hiring Poopy Do Services, LLC by phone, fax, mail, email, text, on-line, etc., you have read, understood and agreed to all our FAQ's, Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers, Statements and Policies, thus allowing us the opportunity to make your pet's "business" our business.  All Rights Reserved.



All Service Visits:

Are 15 minutes or less (and 30 minutes or less for One Time/Emergency Visits) and for the open immediate backyard only.  Our techs do not scoop in hedges/shrubbery/etc., in any overgrown areas, in any junk/trash/etc. piles of any type and/or cannot climb over or under anything or move any objects/furniture/trampolines/autos/etc. in order to get to the “business”.  

Our techs only take the poop that they personally scoop on that visit only as per service plan.  Any poop that is scooped by you between visits must be disposed of by yourself and can “not” be stored for us in any way, shape or form as we do “not” take away any additional bags of poop, stored poop or look for any poop in your trash cans, bins, scoopers. etc., as these all are additional custom services that must be paid for and that we are “not” responsible for.

All pricing is based on a standard or smaller yard in average condition that has been kept up on a regular basis. If your yard has not been kept up and requires our tech to spend more than 15 minutes and / or requires our tech to take out more than one trash bag of “business”, whichever comes first, a $15.00 extra fee will be charged per additional 15 minutes (or closest to) and/or per additional trash bag, if necessary.  For those clients where it has been close to 6 Weeks or longer, we do require you to do an Initial One Time Clean Up (by selecting this option in the "Doggie Waste Clean Up Service" drop down box) along with selecting the appropriate amount of Weeks or Months (in the "Weeks Since Last Pick Up" drop down box) in the "My Service Plan" tab.  Also note that all choices are automatically reoccurring and billed as such except for the “One Time and Emergency” options. For "Standard" weekly or week to week visits, a 4Week minimum is required and serviced consecutively.  If you cancel after the first visit, you will be charged the full One Time Cost.  Failure to make payment will result in a lien against the property serviced, its owners and yourself as well as referring your past due balance plus additional legal fees to a collection company which will be reported to all 3 Credit Bureau companies.  All sales final.  All right reserved.



Payment Is Prepaid and Due In Full Prior To Start of Service(s):

 Otherwise services will have to be rescheduled and a trip charge maybe required if this is the case.  However, in rare and approved circumstances where we do provide service and your bill is not paid within 3days or by your next visit (whichever comes first), Poopy Do Pet Waste Removal Services, LLC reserves the right to charge late fees, collections fees, legal fees, stop services, place liens, etc. in addition to payment for services rendered to cover any and all additional costs and expenses incurred.  By authorizing, paying and/or agreeing for services, you agree and understand that Poopy Do Services, LLC has the right to bill and collect by any means available in order to collect in full any monies owed including but not limited to charging any checking accounts, debit/credit cards, etc. on file or that we obtain as we deem necessary without any prior authorization.  As such, you have read, understood and agreed to all our FAQ's, Policies, Terms, Disclaimers and Agreements.  Payment and Packages are automatically set up as reoccurring except for Onetime and Emergency visits.



Service Cancellation & Refund Policy:

 All sales are final on any and all services and/or products.  As such, refunds cannot be issued.  Cancellation is the sole responsibility of the client.  Phone calls, voicemails, texts, etc. are not acceptable as they cannot be documented.  To officially cancel service, you must login to your account, click on "Remove" in the "Account Status" Field and then click "Save File" to save your cancellation update.  As a courtesy, you can also send us a cancellation email with your name, address and reason or determining factor for your decision so we can properly close out your account and billing.  We are not responsible for lost, non-received, miss-directed, etc. emails as this is a courtesy and not a guarantee as the sole responsibility is ultimately that of the client to do it online.  Incomplete cancellation emails are not acceptable.  Any remaining visits can be finished out, transferred and/or be placed on hold for up to 30 Days from the date of cancellation at which point service and any obligation thereof is agreed and considered rendered in full.  No Exceptions.  Please note that it may be necessary to recharge the $15 start up fee along with additional fees if you have added more pets, your yard in now bigger, the yard that is being serviced has been neglected and/or if you now want additional areas serviced that originally were not.  As all sales are final and in the very rare event that a refund may happen, which is completely up to our discretion, a 10% processing fee will be applied.  Please allow approximately 21 to 30 business days.



Check Writing Policy:

As a courtesy to you payment can be made by physical check.  There is a $25 fee on any returned check regardless of reason.  It is the sole responsibility of the physical check writers to remind themselves to remit payment on time since no billing statements are generated.  Late payment may result in a delay of service and/or late charge.  To avoid this, check writers can also use our online "E-Z Auto Pay".  It is a secured, safe and convenient reoccurring way to pay automatically as specified by your package selection thru their online account.  This is located in the "My Service Plan" payment section or if you wish, use you can also use your bank's online Auto-Bill Pay.  Either way, it's free, saves you time and worries and best of all, no more spending money on stamps, envelopes and physical checks.



Free Visits/Discounts/Coupons/Specials/Etc.:

Coupons, Discounts and Free Visits applies to new clients purchasing Prepaid Value Packages of 4Weeks or greater only.  They are on a one time basis only (unless otherwise specified) and cannot be reused, transferred or applied to existing accounts. They cannot to be combined with each other or any other offer and must be presented at time of purchase for phone orders and coupon code must be entered at the time of transaction/check out for web orders.



Outdoor Deodorizing / Neutralizing Spray:

…is all natural, 100% Enzyme based and contains NO harsh chemicals such as detergents or alcohol. As a naturally surfactant based solution it works extremely well with lawn yellow spotting caused by pet bodily fluids in most cases and usually requires 2-3 applications per week.  However, this is not a guarantee since lawn maintenance, lawn chemical product usage, watering (or lack thereof) & grass type varies.  It is in no way a fertilizer of any type.  It will however consume, digest and eliminate all pet bodily fluids, films and odors and takes up to 60 minutes to completely digest the problem area(s) according to manufacturer.   Treatment can also be done on any surface or  material including by not limited to concrete, cement, pavers, patios, trim work, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.  Although this all natural solution does not cause any discolorations, stains, warping or damage of any kind (to the above listed surface/material types), we are not responsible for any should anything occur.



Indoor Deodorizing/Neutralizing Spray:

Solution is 100% Natural Enzyme based so it literally digests the urine, pet bodily fluid, pet waste film and eliminates the smell right on contact! In most cases removes the pet pee stains!  There are no harsh chemicals or detergents of any kind.  It is environmentally friendly, all natural and safe for the whole family to enjoy!  It can be used on anything from the finest linen, clothing, fabrics, furniture, to carpet, hardwood, tile, concrete, pavers, trim, etc. However, this is not a guarantee since we do not know what type of chemicals and/or detergents have been previously used, how often and/or its true condition.  Although this all natural solution does not cause any discolorations, stains, warping or damage of any kind (to the above listed surface/material types), we are not responsible for any should anything occur since we cannot determine what other harsh chemicals/detergents had been used, how often and/or the condition it truly was in prior to our service visit.  It will however consume, digest and eliminate all pet bodily fluids and odors and takes up to 60 minutes to completely digest the problem area(s) according to manufacturer.  In some cases, a second or third application may be necessary depending on how old the problem area truly is.



Call Back Policy:

All calls, messages, emails, etc. are usually returned in two business days M-F between the hours of 8:00am thru 7:00pm (with the exception of holiday weekends which includes Fridays and/or Mondays).



Privacy Statement:

At Poopy Do, we believe that Privacy is the best Policy. As such, any and all information given to Poopy Do Services, LLC is considered personal and confidential and will be used for internal purposes only. This information will not be sold to any outside marketing.


Keys on File:

We can only accept copies and not originals.  However, if client insists on giving us the original and has no other copy, client does so at their own risk.  We are not responsible for any re-keying fees and/or new locks, labor, time, etc.



Reminder Calls:

We do not offer or guarantee reminder calls.  However, since we are Registered, Bonded and Insured you can take advantage of our easy, convenient and secured Key Release program to store a copy of your gate key with us.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to keep your gate unlocked the entire day of your scheduled service.



Cross Contamination / Dogs Eating/Rolling In Feces Policy:

As dogs eat and roll around in their own feces as well as that of other dogs and animals, we are not responsible for any illnesses, medical conditions, veterinarian bills, etc. that may arise from this, as it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the home/pet owner to train them not to do that and to pick up after their pets immediately each and every day including the days that we are there, especially if the pet/home owner knows that this is an issue and/or feels service is not antiquate or being performed up to your expectation.  We are also not responsible for any cross contamination of any type or issues of any type as a result thereof.  As such, you agree to release Poopy Do Services LLC (subsidiaries, affiliates, etc.) of any and all liabilities thereof.



Commercial/Corporate/Multi-Housing/HOA/Government Clients:

With Commercial / Corporate / Multi-Housing / HOA's / Government  / Parks & Recreation / Etc., there is a bidding/proposal process in which services are invoiced either weekly, bimonthly, every other week, or monthly, therefore contracts are required.  Payment is also expected as agreed to in contract which is usually by the 1st of each month unless otherwise specified.  However, should an account become delinquent according to our standards, Poopy Do Pet Waste Removal Services, LLC reserves the right to charge late fees, collections fees, legal fees, etc. in addition to payment for services rendered to cover any and all additional costs and expenses.  All contracts automatically renew unless otherwise specified in contract or a 30Day Written Notice is received by certified mail prior to the last month of service.  Upon auto-renewal we reserve the right to increase cost (if any) due to increase of business expenses or "business".  We also reserve the right to cancel a contract with a 30Day written notice, modify or increase charges should it be apparent that the animal population has increased drastically and/or there is more "business" to take care of then what was originally evaluated and proposed on.  Property Community Manager may sign on behalf of HOA community and is acceptable and obligatory in accordance with the HOA and Community Bi-Laws and our website provisions.  By authorizing verbally or otherwise and/or signing you have read, understood and agreed to the above provisions.



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